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Ivonne Acero is a Colombian artist based in the USA. Most of her work is autobiographical and revolves around subjects of identity, longing and belonging and sense of self.  

Acero is also interested in the recurrent in-betweeness state tied with changing life circumstances  (migration, aging, life, etc.).  

Recently, her work is examining issues of gender through self-exploration. Acero’s work is heavily influenced by her parents’ family business, a clothing factory where she spent her formative years, by her former profession as a fashion designer and by her personal experience as a migrant

A Self-taught artist, Acero began painting at a young age. After a successful career as a fashion Designer, she decided to start painting again. She stablished her practice at the city of Dallas, where Acero transitioned into mixed Media and more sculptural work. Acero completed a MFA on fiber art where she constantly experimented with diverse and uncommon materials to create distinctive surfaces, as materiality is a big part of her practice.

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